The Digital Journalist — Lisa Lambden & Michael Rosenblum

January 12th, 2009 by Kristen Watts

This morning, during Lisa Lambden and Michael Rosenblum’s crash course in digital journalism, they asked students to discard many of the broadcast conventions they’ve learned so far this year.

Strict instructions from Rosenblum included:

  • have interviewees look into the camera, not past it
  • no b-roll
  • no establishing shots

Rosenblum sent students out to shoot at least 15 minutes of video this afternoon that they will later edit down to a one-minute piece.  


  •  It’s unethical and inefficient to shoot a 60-minute interview, then only use 30 seconds.  Instead, tell the interviewee that you will only be using a clip and ask them for their best quote
  • Spend at least 20 minutes observing and mapping out shots on-location before getting out your camera
When students return this afternoon they will screen their footage in front of the class.
Here’s a link to Rosenblum’s blog.  

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